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Posted by Cancer Care on Monday, January 10, 2011

Hair extensions for cancer patients is not a new idea, but is an excellent option to consider. Because cancer is a tough battle, often uphill battle for anyone, and the effects of radiation and chemotherapy to reach beyond the physical pain and to have balance in the body. Hair loss is a common side effect affect many people through radiation and chemotherapy. Hair loss, especially among women, may lower self-esteem and self-image. For years, cancer patients are turning to wigs to get their sense of femininity back. With advances in hair care products of today, the extensions are becoming more popular in general and especially for patients with cancer.

Very little fusion bonds in a soft adhesive is the preferred type of hair products for cancer patients. Hair extensions applied in the securities of very small fusion are the safest in the renewal of a new fragile hair. Do not add so much weight in the new part of the hair and make hair grow back for the softer side is easier to remove, reduce breakage when they are deleted.

The goal is to add the hair temporarily until new hair grows and not become dependent on the expansion. Ties that last only 2-3 months are better if almost autumn, when the time of abduction and a new set of extensions. The use of a physical link is made to last 4-6 months may result in a failure and a high dependence on hair extensions that can last years.

We strongly recommend that cancer patients who opt for hair extensions using the technique of application to visit a salon for a reliable product that meets your needs. This seemingly minor adjustment can be a good way to give a cancer patient and back self-esteem - it could be very therapeutic and help the patient to go through the process and make a full recovery.

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