How a Breast Reduction Changes Lives

Posted by Cancer Care on Wednesday, November 7, 2012

By Aloysius Aucoin

A breast reduction occurs when the doctors remove tissue, fat and sometimes muscle from the breasts in an effort to reduce their size. This process is designed to help improve the shape, volume, and size of the breasts. It is often done to reduce chronic back pain or to improve the physical shape of the individual. If you are thinking about having it done but are not quite sure if it is the right option for you, consider how it could change your life. For many women, getting it done means more than just making cosmetic changes.

Reducing Pain

Those who have larger breasts often struggle with pain. The weight of them pulls down and can cause pain in the shoulders, upper and lower back. In many cases, it can cause chronic pain in this area of the body. If that happens, doing simple things can be difficult. For example, if you work hunched over, this can make doing your job hard to do. Even if you are on your feet all day, this can place a lot of pressure on your back.

A breast reduction can fix this. Because of the volume and mass size, this pull can be incredible. By reducing it, you are able to see a significant improvement in the way your body feels. You may not have that strain any longer. This can help you to do your job easier, move around freely and even help you to get up in the morning without severe discomfort.

Improving Your Shape

Even if you do not have a lot of pain, some women want to use breast reduction as a way to change the shape of their body. After pregnancy or weight loss, saggy breasts may seem unattractive. This procedure can fix that if volume is a problem. If you just do not like how large they are, you can change that, too.

Why do so? It can help to give you the silhouette that you enjoy the most. It can provide you with the type of shape that you desire for your body. Most importantly, this type of procedure can help you to feel good about yourself no matter what type of top or dress you put on. For some people, it is a confidence boost to have this type of procedure.

Discuss your options with your doctor. Find out if a breast reduction is right for you. Some women benefit instead from a lift. However, if volume is the problem you have, reducing the mass is a better option. You can have the body and shape you want and you do not have to suffer from chronic pain any longer.

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