In the Market for a Hearing Aid? - Shop Smart!

Posted by Cancer Care on Wednesday, November 7, 2012

By Aloysius Aucoin

Has the time come for you to be fitted for a hearing aid? You may be groaning about your loss of hearing but the reality of the matter is that a change has occurred in your health. This change will have a big impact on your entire life. When you are in the market for an auditory device, you want to shop smart.

Always try out the hearing aid before you buy it. How do you do that? Ask the hearing specialist for a demonstration of the various aids that have been recommended for you. This is relatively easy for the audiologist to do. He or she can place a disposable plug on the tip of an auditory device that goes behind-the-ear (BTE) and program it to the loss that you are experiencing. A simulated sound field can also demonstrate to a new user how the auditory apparatus works in specific settings, such as when there is a great deal of background noise.

Take your time as you try out various models. This is an important decision you are making. You do not want to be hasty.

Do not feel pressured into purchasing any extras that you will not use. That would just be a waste of money. However, you will not know whether you want a feature or not until you know what add-ons are available.

Some features are definitely worth a closer look. Directional microphones, for instance, make it possible for you to hear better in noisy environments. Feedback cancellation prevents the auditory device from making squealing sounds. Tele-coils are another extra that may be worth including in the auditory aid that you buy. These items improve the quality of your telephone conversations. Wireless technology makes it simpler to use televisions and cellphones. There are even devices for hearing impaired individuals that offer earwax protection. This can help to prevent the apparatus from malfunctioning.

Think carefully about what you really need and want. If you tend to live a simple life, do not go out a lot, or do not often have people over, you may not need as many advanced features. The fewer features you choose, the more money you will save on your purchase.

You need a hearing aid that does what it is supposed to do. You also need one that fits properly. Before you leave the office with your new auditory item, make sure it works and fits. Ask the specialist to check the fit and also to give you an automated "real ear" test. This will let you know how it works once it is positioned correctly in your ear.

Get the contract for the hearing aid in writing. Make sure that everything is documented. You want the contract to outline what you are purchasing. This includes the make and model of the device, as well as the price, warranty, trial period, and any non-refundable fees.

You can find your new auditory device at a southwestern Virginia hearing aid center. Visit the following to consult with experienced audiologists who can help you make the right choice:

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