Liposuction After Weight Loss Makes Sense

Posted by Cancer Care on Wednesday, November 7, 2012

By Aloysius Aucoin

Liposuction is a method of removing excess fat and tissue from an area of the body. If you have been successful at losing weight, this may be the treatment option for you. Many people think of lipo as a way to drop the pounds and to get a fit body. That is not the case. Rather, individuals need to see it as a way of fixing those problem areas that weight loss does not help. After you have lose a significant amount, it may be time to schedule a procedure with your doctor to discuss further improving the way your body looks.

It Doesn't Remove Weight Specifically

In most cases, liposuction is a good option for getting rid of no more than two or three pounds. This procedure is not meant to be a weight loss tool. It is meant to help you to get rid of those stubborn areas that just do not seem to go away on their own. Most people who lose weight are frustrated with those last few pounds. They may have localized areas where they just cannot seem to get rid of the pouch or the love handle. This is the option for doing just that. It can work very well to help you to trim off the problem areas.

When Exercise Doesn't Work

With some areas of the body even the most intense exercise and diet program will not work. For example, many people end up with a small tummy even though they have done everything they can to drop the weight. You may not have any ability to shrink down those thighs no matter how many lunges and exercises you do. These areas just seem resistant to weight loss efforts. That is why it is always a good idea to consider these cosmetic steps you can take to remove the problems for good.

Why It Works

With liposuction, the doctor will insert a tube-like device into the specific area of the body where you would like to remove fat and tissue. Moving it around, it will virtually suck away the fatty tissue. Your doctor may offer various types of treatments. Unlike weight loss efforts, this method works to target specific areas of your body where you want to see improvement and have not done so previously.

If you have lost weight and are frustrated with those last few areas of your body where you just cannot get results, talk to your doctor about liposuction. You may find that this is the ideal choice for finally getting rid of those problems and feeling great about the way your body looks. You do not have to struggle with it any longer.

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